Deal or No Deal

Madi Teeuws

Hometown: Southlake, TX
Instagram: @madtev

Meet Deal or No Deal Briefcase Model #15: Madi Teeuws

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being my own constant source of motivation. I got myself financially and emotionally through high school, college, and then through the transition to living in Los Angeles.

Describe a time when you competed in something.

I played multiple sports growing up, but mostly basketball. I also was in horse competitions called "quiz bowls" during my time in 4H club while living in Texas.

What has your experience working with the other briefcase models been like?

That has been my favorite part about this experience. They are all incredible young women that build each other up and inspire me to improve myself.

I eat a bowl of cereal before bed. Every. Single. Night. Crazy, I know.
Madi Teeuws
Briefcase Model #15

If you weren't modeling and acting what would you be doing?

Teaching yoga, traveling, cooking, and/or running my own marketing agency.

Who do you admire most in the world and why?

People who do kind things for others without expectation of anything in return.

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What does being a "Deal or No Deal" briefcase model mean to you?

Being one of the "Deal or No Deal" models is an honor. We have such a uniquely diverse group of amazing, strong women that all bring something different to the table. To be a part of this group means I will have a platform to positively impact others around me and serve as a role model for young women.

Do you or have you ever owned a business?

My sister and I started a "Canine Cookie" stand as kids where we sold homemade dog biscuits that we baked and then donated the proceeds to the rescue we got my dog from.

Do you have a side hustle?

Yes, I work part-time at a marketing agency called HourOne.

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