Deal or No Deal

Neka Stephens

Hometown: Mililani, HI
Instagram: @nekachoo

Meet 'Deal or No Deal' Briefcase Model #8: Neka Stephens

What do you love about modeling?

I love that it introduces me to people I would've otherwise never met. It's a life not many people get to experience, so I try not to take it for granted. I feel very privileged and would love to use this privilege to help others.

Describe a time when you competed in something.

I used to be a hardcore bowler. I was on my high school bowling team, placed at states both with the team and individually, and I competed later on in junior and adult leagues. I even entered a tournament in Las Vegas! It was a fun experience but, after a while, it started becoming more stressful because I'm really hard on myself. Once it stopped being fun, I moved on to the next chapter in my life.

What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done

My fiancé took me to South Point South Point (Big Island, Hawaii) which is a 30-foot jump into the ocean. It took a while for me to gather up the courage to finally jump off but once I did, it was an exhilarating experience that I would totally do again!

What are your lucky numbers and why?

My lucky numbers are three, eight, and 11. Three because I feel like things come in groups of three (good or bad). Eight because it looks like a baby snowman, it's lucky in Asian culture, and it's infinity if you lay it on its side. And 11 because it always appears to me (11:11).

I used to be a hardcore bowler.
Neka Stephens
Briefcase Model #08

If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive who would they be?

My fiancé Blake, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Mr. Rogers.

What is one moment that made you the person you are today?

When I was 24, I made the decision to live more for myself and to pursue a career that didn't have any guarantees. It was scary making a choice like that because I'm not a natural risk-taker, but it was the first step of many that led to me becoming my own person.

What is the wackiest fun fact about you?

I am obsessed with karaoke! Back home in Hawaii there's this place called "Nocturna Lounge" that has karaoke, a full bar, and video games. I would go there every weekend and bring the house down!

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What is your favorite movie?

"Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back"

What is one of your proudest accomplishments?

Aside from moving away from my hometown to further my modeling career in LA, it was also a rewarding experience working with children with special needs. Since my kids were so young, I felt the work I did really made a difference because the younger they are when they start services, the higher the chances are for improvement. Of course, there were difficult days, but the key was to remain patient and keep trying. Consistency across the board (home, school and community) was what helped these kids in the long run.

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