Briefcase Model #10

Vaeda Mann


Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
Instagram: @livinlavaedaloca

If you weren't modeling what would you be doing?

If I weren't modeling right now, I think I'd be working in the food industry. I discovered my passion for cooking and the power of healthy eating my junior year of high school, right around the same time I started modeling. I dream of owning my own little café one day.

Describe a time when you competed in something.

In 2014, I competed at Miss Teen USA representing my state of Mississippi. I didn't grow up with the dream of being a pageant girl or being Miss Teen USA; it was all kind of accidental and happenstance. But I believe some of the most beautiful things in life are. I ended up placing First Runner-Up, and that was the year that I began modeling and realizing how incredibly big and beautiful the world is. That experience taught me independence, organization, discipline, and how to confidently tackle an interview- which is a skill I basically use every single day when I go to castings!

What is one word you'd use to describe yourself?

Curious. I love experiencing new places, meeting new people, and also learning new things about myself. There are so many amazing things out there just waiting to be discovered.

How would you be as a contestant on "Deal Or No Deal"?

So I've been taking some mental notes throughout these past few episodes, and it has been so interesting to witness people's different approaches. I have my lucky numbers, I always gravitate toward odd, but I would 100% listen to my gut throughout every situation whether it be going for it or playing it safe. I like to think that I wouldn't let the opinions of the crowd or the greed for more money get in the way of making good decisions. Honestly, life lesson right there, people.

I dream of owning my own little café one day.
Vaeda Mann
Briefcase Model #10
What are your lucky numbers and why?

My lucky numbers are three, seven, and now lucky number 10. I was so happy when I found out my number was 10 because it's the sum of my two favorites: three and seven. My mom raised me on odd numbers and over the past few years, three's and seven's have served as my little happy reminders. It can be very small, simple instances but every time I see either one pop up I smile and know that I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

What is the wackiest fun fact about you?

I'm obsessed with "Golden Girls."

What was your first job?

My very first job throughout all of high school was working as a saleswoman at my local dress store, "Susan's Shoppe." The women who owned that shop were actually the ones who insisted I compete in the Miss Mississippi Teen USA pageant back in 2014. It is so incredible to look back and see how everything really and truly happens for a reason.

If you had to pick one other briefcase model to be on a deserted island with who would you pick and why?

I would have to say #11, Brittany McGowan, because we actually have a history together! Three years ago, we were randomly assigned as roommates on a job together in Mexico. We had never ever met before, but it was love at first sight. And we had absolutely no idea that we had both been chosen as "Deal or No Deal" girls until the very first day of filming! It was crazy enough to be experiencing this together but even crazier that we ended up side by side as #10 and #11. I know we'd do well on an island together because we both value our early, grandma bedtimes … and not to mention she's the sweetest human ever.